Harold's autostereogram resources


Harold Thimbleby, 2003 (revised 2011).

Gresham College 'Magic picture' talk (October 2003) lecture notes: PDF

Javascript autostreogram program

3D web design: H. Thimbleby, "3D Creativity for the Web," The Internet in 3D, R. Earnshaw and J. Vince, editors, pp41-53, Academic Press, ISBN 0-12-227736-8, 1997.

Technical article: H. Thimbleby, I. H. Witten and S. Inglis. "Displaying 3D Images: Algorithms for Single-Image Random-Dot Stereograms," IEEE Computer, 27(10), pp38-48, 1994.

Algorithm in detail: H. Thimbleby, "An Equivalence Class Algorithm for Drawing Autostereograms," Software-Practice & Experience, 26(3), pp309-325, 1996.

General level article: H. Thimbleby and C. Neesham, "How to Play Tricks with Dots," New Scientist, 140(1894), pp26-29, 1993. (Sorry! But you'll have to register with New Scientist.)

Finally, see the article and resources in Wikipedia.

Mac programs

If you have an old Mac, this is a program I wrote to experiment with autostereograms. You'll need Stuffit to expand it — and OS9!

Whether you have Adobe Photoshop or not, read the very good documentation (in PDF) describing my plugin and its many features. The plugin is available.

Some autostereogram links

Animated autostereograms: http://www.imm.dtu.dk/~uniaaa/MagicEye/MagicEyeAnim.html - Anton Antonov Antonov's web site, with pictures like this (generated in Mathematica), with acknowledgements to Lichtenstein's Shipboard girl:

Anton has also combined static and animated autostereograms:

If you have further links you'd like added, drop me an email.